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Here Come the Bride and Groom

Details, Details, and Tablecloths That Reach the Ground

The weather has to be just ideal, not too hot, not too cold, no sudden gusts of wind, and we definitely, positively, do not want rain. The food must be delicious, and the service impeccable. Should we put chocolate or mints on the tables? Does the ladies’ powder room need a floral arrangement? Do our linen table cloths reach the ground? Are our dining chair covers tied properly? Is there enough champagne? Whenever we are planning a party to celebrate a bride and groom, whether it is an engagement party, a bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, or the wedding itself, it becomes our personal desire to perfect every element of the event.

Iridescent Crush Table Cloth Chic

A significant aspect of the quintessential bridal event is our choice of banquet tablecloth linens. Our Iridescent Crush Tablecloth, napkin, and dining chair cover selection will truly express our theme on this special occasion. If we want to leave a chic impression, we could begin by choosing White Iridescent Crush table cloths as our first layer of linens, followed by a second layer of Champagne Gold Iridescent Crush table cloths. To achieve that polished look often created by professional party planners and high-end florists, we can easily scallop our top tablecloth with the uncomplicated tablecloth clip known as the “Couvert Clip.” Together with its Gold and White Rose Theme attachment, the tablecloth clips bring both sophistication and beauty to our bridal event tabletops. Add white cloth napkins, and gold chair ties, and there we have it!

To produce a second stylish look, but one that combines the sparkle of an Organza tablecloth with the richness of the Iridescent Crush table cloth, we could pair Ivory Organza overlay tablecloths, with the luxuriant Champagne Gold Iridescent Crush table cloths underneath. Then, we could use luminous Ivory Organza chair ties, and cloth napkins made of the Champagne Gold Iridescent Crush fabric. With this exquisite combination, we could then decide on the White Rose Organza Loop Set to form our lovely tablecloth scallops. Now, this would truly set the stage for a shimmering and magical occasion.

Table Cloths With Elegant Style

Should we have a more traditional inspiration, our look can be created with very elegant tablecloths of ivory Satin Stripe Polyester. A lovely look with these party tablecloths would be to use alternating solid ivory Vantage Polyester and Satin Stripe Polyester Chair Covers, while adding Satin Stripe cloth napkins, also in ivory. Floral arrangements, that continue our monochromatic theme of ivory, would look amazing in old-world silver containers, and dozens of ivory votive tea candles adorning the tables would add a charming glow.

Table Cloths Can Create Any Style

However, if our hearts are set on a more “shabby chic” atmosphere, let’s choose the rose-patterned Damask table cloths and matching cloth napkins in white Fortex, topped with vintage glass vases that we can fill with dark pink or washed-out red, floribunda roses. And, if we have always dreamed of toasting the happy couple in Tuscany, we can select, instead, the grape-patterned Damask tablecloths in ivory, and decorate the tables with wrought-iron containers wrapped in ivy vines, and overflowing with fresh red and green grapes. Then again, we might choose to express the feeling of Tuscany by spreading out tablecloth overlays of Champagne Gold Iridescent Crush on top of the Damask table cloths, gracefully scalloping the overlays with tablecloth clips paired with the Golden Grapes Couvert Clip Theme. Whatever our mood, and whatever our style, exquisite tablecloths in just the right fabric and color can inspire a warm, welcoming, and elegant atmosphere, and can create an unforgettable moment for any bride and groom.


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