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Creating a Romantic Table Setting

A Romantic Evening Starts With the Perfect Tablecloth

Imagine the dining room aglow with the radiance of softly scented candles, as the tender lilt of violins drift through the air, gently caressing the evening. Amidst the radiance of the candlelight, a bottle of champagne is chilling in a monogrammed, silver bucket. Chocolate-dipped strawberries wait temptingly in a sparkling crystal tray that rests upon a dreamy organza tablecloth, and the passion of a single, long-stemmed red rose awaits its fulfillment.

Although a romantic celebration cannot be defined by the perfect tablecloths, and vases filled with long-stemmed red roses, creating an ideal setting can certainly go far in the presentation of a distinctly special ambiance. Whether we are planning an intimate dinner for two, or an anniversary party for a hundred and two, making sure that romance is in the air begins by selecting just the right party tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, and decorations.

The Precise Tablecloth Choice

So, let us begin by discussing the precise tablecloths to select since it is the first layer of our romantic setting. On the market today, there are so many tablecloths to choose from. There are Spun Polyester tablecloths, which are durable, absorbent, and soft to the touch, and there are Vantage tablecloths that are 100% polyester, are also soft, washable, and come in forty-five different vibrant colors. Both of these types of tablecloths are great looking and practical. However, for a party design that is meant to fill the air with romance, we should pick out exciting tablecloths made out of something like crushed velvet, or for example, an Iridescent Crush in Velvet Red. Since these Iridescent Crush party tablecloths can be chosen in sizes that will fall all the way to the floor, we can make use of a second tablecloth that will be shorter than the first one, and that will act as an overlay to dress up our tables even further. Adding a glistening organza tablecloth will add sparkle and shimmer to our setting. For instance, the marriage of a Velvet Red Iridescent Crush tablecloth and a Pink Organza overlay tablecloth could be one ideal combination for our truly captivating evening.

Magnetic Loop Sets and Couvert Clips

Our next strategy in the creation of the perfect mood is to add matching cloth napkins, and chair ties in both luscious fabrics of Iridescent Crush and Organza. How lovely our room will look with beautiful bows of fabric tied around each chair that matches perfectly to our tablecloths and napkins! Now for a touch of the red rose, the rose of myths and legends, which has meant love in the language of flowers since before the time of Ancient Greece. There is a new innovation on the tablecloth market that can add red, organza roses to our table setting and, at the same time, can be used to cinch up our Pink Organza tablecloths in order to create the perfect scallop. Before the innovation of this Red Rose Magnetic Loop Set, and its cousin the Couvert Clip, the formation of one of these scallops would take an unreasonable amount of time, experience, and the use of fabric-damaging pins. However, with these new tablecloth loops, and tablecloth clips, we can add elegant draping to our tablecloths by simply pulling the tablecloth fabric through the loop and attaching a front magnet covered by an exquisite, organza rose, and then adding a sturdy, back magnet that holds everything in place. The magnificent thing is that all of the pieces we need to add this special touch to your party décor are included in one, easy-to-use package. So, with just one easy step, the Red Rose Magnetic Loop Set will allow us to add the romantic, red rose to the sides of our tablecloth, as well as to the back of each chair using the fabric of the chair tie.

Beyond the Tablecloth

Now that we have chosen our table linen, we can use the loveliness of our tablecloths to rest our votive candles upon, or choose very tall, tapered candles in candlesticks of a variety of heights. And, perhaps we will add cut flowers in a multitude of small vases that line up down the length of our table, or decide on round rose bowls for a more sophisticated scene. There could be succulent chocolate truffles on each table, or we could add dishes of deliciously dipped strawberries that have only yet to be imagined. Champagne flutes beside our favorite china place settings will encourage our guests to feel pampered, and luscious recipes will ensure the evening’s success. So, whether we are celebrating a fiftieth anniversary, or setting the perfect stage for a tender marriage proposal, we can provide the ultimate romantic backdrop for our one enchanting evening.


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