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Decorating the Passover Table

Passover Décor

Passover (Pesach) is a Jewish celebration which occurs in the Spring and is known as the “Spring Festival”, the “Festival of Unleavened Bread”, or the “Festival of the Paschal Lamb”.

The highlight of this seven-day commemoration is the Seder, or service, at which readings from the “Haggadah” remind us of the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage and symbolically inspires one to reject attempts to deprive humanity of liberty.

This “Seder” is shared by the hosts and guests around the dining room table complete with beautiful table linen and china , special serving dishes (Seder plate, matzo holder, bowls of salt water for dipping ceremonial foods, etc). Don’t forget the wine glasses; the service actually calls for 4 glasses of wine to be consumed before dinner. The bountiful dinner often includes gefilte fish, eggs in salt water(to symbolize the tears shed during slavery), brisket, chicken, all kinds of kugels(puddings) and matzo recipes which do not contain leavening.

Passover table décor can involve customary colors of blue and white(our Satin Stripe tablecloths in Royal) or any colors of Spring. One can use a single Passover tablecloth, or a tablecloth overlay placed on top of another tablecloth. When doing it this way, a quick and easy way to swag the table linen is to use our Couvert Clip, which we invented and patented. This fabric-gathering clip, using Velcro, allows you to add an embellishment to carry out your design. We have a “Hanukkah” theme piece which is a beautiful ribbon design with Star of David rosettes and can be used for any Jewish holiday. Fabric choices can vary from solid color polyester tablecloths to our luxury tablecloths which are synthetic Dupioni silk, elegant and washable.

A beautiful table and a meaningful evening enjoyed by family and friends is a satisfying combination, to be sure.


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