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Fine China, Party Tablecloths, and High Heels

Casual dinners at the kitchen table, and backyard barbeques are cozy and comfortable, but every once in a while it’s time to dress up in our stylish best, get out our good china, and use our most refined party tablecloths in order to honor a very special occasion. Whether we are planning a milestone birthday celebration, a well-deserved retirement luncheon, or a bridal shower’s high tea, the ideal way to compliment our guest of honor is to take this opportunity to decorate our party with luxury and grace. Fortunately, from banquet tablecloths to dining chair covers, fine table linens can play a prominent role in setting the stage for an elegant, formal affair.

Satin Table Cloths with Organza Table Cloth Overlays

The classic choice for a formal event is the layering of a round table cloth that is long enough to flow gracefully to the floor, with a second, smaller table cloth, often of an alternate fabric, spread on top of the first table cloth. Nevertheless, whatever the size or shape of our tables, even for those tables that require custom tablecloths, one of the loveliest formal tablecloth options is the combination of a Poly Satin table cloth underneath a smaller Sparkle Organza tablecloth. When using this timeless duo of diverse textures, we gain the soft glow of the satin fabric, as well as the sparkle, and shimmer, of the organza. One such distinctive and beautiful combination is the Cornflower Blue Poly Satin table cloth and the White Sparkle Organza tablecloth overlay. Should we add matching napkins in the Poly Satin fabric, and chair ties made of the Sparkle Organza, we would have a design that embodies refinement, and yet, offers a breath of fresh air to our formal setting.

Tablecloth Loops and Tablecloth Clips

Now that we have confidently chosen our fresh, yet formal, table linens, we can begin to add some distinctive finishing touches to our party’s design. One of the additional benefits of choosing to use two party table cloths on each table is the chance to create the stylish tablecloth draping seen at so many important events. Many influential event planners and decorators accomplish this with a great deal of effort and many sharp, and fabric-damaging straight pins. Nevertheless, their struggle always appears worthwhile after the table cloth flourishes are achieved.

Fortunately, two of the most exciting new products in the party industry, the tablecloth clip (now known as the Couvert Clip), and the Organza tablecloth loop set, allow us to add the same elegant draping to our own table cloths without the necessity for destructive tools, and with very little trouble. By simply pulling the table cloth overlay fabric through either of these two innovations, the work has been done for us. Although there are many Couvert Clip Themes that can be added to enhance any party’s design, we can finish ours in style by using the Organza Butterfly Loop Set. Our choice will require us to simply pull the Organza table cloth fabric through the tablecloth loop, attach a front magnet covered by an exquisite Organza Butterfly, and finally, affix a sturdy, back magnet that holds everything in place. The amazing thing is that all of the pieces we need to add these distinctive touches to our party décor are included in one accessible package.

So Many Tablecloths, So Many Choices

Not surprisingly, there are many table cloth fabrics and color combinations from which to choose in order to put a personal design to whatever formal occasion we are planning. And, in addition to Organza tablecloths, and Poly Satin tablecloths, we might decide to develop a formal celebration’s design around rich Iridescent Crush tablecloths, or perhaps, lace tablecloths would prove to be more apropos. Whatever exciting combination of textures and patterns we select, a formal occasion’s festivities provide us with the artistic opportunity to create a masterpiece in style and elegance that our guests will enjoy today, and will remember happily ever after.


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