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Creating the Perfect Tablescape with Cloth Table Linens

Adorning Our Tablecloths With Spring Flowers

Even before March and April’s showers bring us those dazzling flowers of May, our hearts fill with the enthusiasm of the spring season, and we anticipate elegant garden parties, charming bridal showers, and sunny birthday fun. And, what would any of these celebrations be without an assortment of the season’s loveliest blossoms adorning our party tablecloths? In addition to the beauty that flowers can bring to our decorations, there is an irresistible language of flowers that defines the sentiment behind the use of each flower. During the gentle Victorian Age, almost everyone owned, and used, a floral dictionary to create the perfect message in flowers for their bouquets’ recipients. Today, we can express some of those same ideas by choosing specific flowers that will create thoughtful messages, along with the perfect linen tablecloths or elegant table runners, dining chair covers, and delicious food that will surely please our guests.

Choosing the Perfect Tablecloths and Floral Message

Suppose we are preparing for that first garden party of the season. We are arranging a luncheon for a birthday celebration, our charity organization, or perhaps, our card or Mahjong club. Since there are many guests, we decide to use Fortex banquet tablecloths in the charming, spring color of pink, as our first tablecloth layer. Next, we top our pink Fortex tablecloths with custom tablecloth overlays of white Iridescent Crush, to add a luxurious touch. Happily, we can easily arrange the perfect custom tablecloth swag by cinching up our top white linen tablecloth with the new tablecloth clip, called the Couvert Clip. Without pins, rips, or years of experience, using this new product can perfect our classic style. Additionally, three of the many embellishments available that attach to the tablecloth clips are lovely spring flower themes in lime, yellow, and magenta, which appear to resemble the dahlia. Not only would the floral theme embellishment follow our party’s design, it would also add the message of dignity and elegance which the dahlia represents. Then, we can choose to add pink Fortex napkins and pink dining chair covers, in order to complete our linens with style. Now, to continue to speak to our guests in the language of flowers, we can add bouquets made of pink and white roses, ivy, and myrtle. This floral message would express beauty, friendship, and love, and, at the same time, serve as a stunning centerpiece atop our exquisite tablecloths.


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