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Old Glory Colors Our Table Cloths, Cloth Napkins, and Chair Ties

No one really knows who designed it, nor whether or not Betsy Ross actually stitched its very first rendition, but, on June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress of the United States of America resolved that our country’s flag would be red, white, and blue, and that it would have 13 alternating stripes, and 13 stars to represent a “new constellation”, a brand new nation. Our forefathers chose its colors quite purposefully, for the red of our flag signifies hardiness and courage, while the white represents purity and innocence. The third color, blue, symbolizes perseverance, vigilance, and justice. Where ever and whenever it is flown, our national flag, the Star Spangled Banner, stands for the people, the land, the government, and the ideals of our great nation. And so, when we are celebrating any national holiday, when we are feeling the need to unfurl our patriotism, or when we simply want to decorate any celebration in whole-hearted and glorious hues, the red, white, and blue of our nation’s proud flag will be found as the patriotic color scheme of our table cloths, our cloth napkins, our chair ties, and, joyfully, in our very special American Flag tablecloth clips.

American Flag Tablecloth Clips Dress Up Our Table Cloths

What better opportunities to dress up our dining rooms and backyards then in honor of our national holidays of Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. As barbeques are the tradition, creating a red, white, and blue celebration is the ideal plan. We can layer round tablecloths as undercloths, and then spread smaller, square tablecloths over the round table cloths. Whether we envision Red Fortex table cloths as our first layer, and Royal Blue Fortex table cloths as our second, or the other way around, these bright colors will just pop when we add cloth napkins, perhaps in red, white, and blue Fortex, and chair ties to match one of our two table cloth colors. Now, for the perfect touch, we can use our Couvert Clips, to add a very distinctive American Flag theme to the festivities. These versatile and decorative tablecloth clips help dress-up our chair ties, as well as effortlessly swag up our table cloth overlays, creating that nostalgic look of bunting reminiscent of patriotic celebrations belonging to our America of yesteryear, those days of barbershop quartets, marching bands, and boxed lunches.

Other Patriotic Possibilities Beyond Vivid Tablecloth Colors

Additionally, we could carry on our stirring design by purchasing tall patriotic hats to use as centerpieces, or as an alternative, planting red, white and blue flowers in red clay pots, and positioning them in the middle of each vibrantly covered table cloth. Another good idea is to use red, white, and blue balloons that could easily increase the fun, and look exceptionally stunning with our American Flag tablecloth clips. Even our celebratory cuisine can be specifically created to enhance our party’s design. For instance, our favorite cake can be decorated with whipped cream, and topped with blueberries and strawberries that we could align to replicate our flag’s elegant design. Ultimately, whether our plan is to honor a national holiday, remember a birthday in an exceptional way, or adopt a patriotic theme for that special summer gathering of neighbors, we can begin our red, white, and blue design with the flawless choice of tablecloths, napkins, and chair ties, and end it with countless imaginative ideas filled with stars and stripes forever.


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