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LINEN LOVERS is extremely proud of its new designer collection....NOVA.

NOVA has been exclusively created by Linen Lovers in order to offer our customers a luxurious fabric which looks just like Dupioni Silk yet has the advantages of synthetic fibers, namely washability, durability, and affordabilityInfinity Silver Table Cloth with Silver Chair Cover

Chocolate Swirl Table Cloth and Tie with Soft Gold Chair CoverDupioni Silk is considered to be the most luxurious of fabrics used primarily for expensive garments, draperies, and linens.  It is distinguished from other silks by the texture of the silk "nubs" and its shimmering appearance.   The interweaving of two silkworm cocoons yielding  a double strand creates the unique fiber.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy this elegant fabric at a much lower price than real silk.  We have carefully selected 24 very rich colors and four styles which can be used singularly or mixed with a complementary color .  Nova Infinity and Nova Swirl are delicately embroidered with thread colors which coordinate with the color pallette of the collection.  This feature provides the opportunity to add for example, a Solid slate blue napkin to a chocolate Swirl pattern which has gold and slate blue threads. Or, a black Swirl overlay (with silver and gold threads) on a longer Solid golMerlot Pintuck Table Clothd tablecloth with  gold napkins, and maybe black Swirl chair ties.....the combinations are plentiful and a lot of fun to put together. 

So browse through the four pages of NOVA SOLID, NOVA PINTUCK, NOVA SWIRL AND NOVA INFINITY and enjoy!  Black Solid with Slate Blue Napkins and chair ties“Decorator Tips” on each page gives you more useful information including the thread colors in the embroidery. A square overlay on a round table seeing the points down the side of the table is a great look.  Another suggestion is using our Couvert Clips to swag the top cloth and topping the clips with some of our “themes”. Although the “themes” do not have to be limited to holiday decorating, here are some specific ideas:  For Thanksgiving, our “Fall Leaves” theme goes beautifully with Nova chocolate, burnt orange, merlot, and bamboo. For Christmas, the “Poinsettia” would add to your holiday look using the Nova soft gold.  For wedding events, the “White on White Ribbon Rose” and the “Gold and White Ribbon Rose” is a great addition to the Nova white or gold fabrics. The “Red Rose” is gorgeous on the Nova merlot or black, and the “Blue Flower and Silver Leaf” on the Nova silver would be beautiful for Hanukkah.

 Chocolate Solid
Bamboo Swirl
Fuchsia Infinity
Table RunnersNova Designer Table Runner Collection 

A Stunning 100% Synthetic Dupioni Silk Exclusively Designed by Linen Lovers
Available in 24 colors and Four Styles. Click the above link and see for yourself how wonderful your table will look.

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